Jon Taylor

Fantastic value, simple, and effective.

“Very happy and surprised by how effective it is, a perfect enhancement to my Steyr AUG. It also protects the stock from bite marks from ejected brass. Fantastic value, simple, and effective. Now I’m trying

cheek pad

Very pleased with Super Soft Cheek Pad!

Michael, Very pleased with the “Super Soft Cheek Pad 5/8 inch tall”…….see attached pictures……note how I canted the Pad so that my line of sight is right there, don’t have to tilt my head to


Cheek Pad looks awesome!

I have now received and mounted the cheek piece. It looks really awesome! The form and the edges of your pad are simply perfect, I don’t know how to thank you for your excellent work!



Michael, Finally got a chance to get the crossbows done. They look pretty good and so far they have been sticking with no issues. Thank you for all of your help!! Wayne


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