The God’ A Grip self-customizing shotgun and rifle grip was invented by Michael Godard. Godard grew up in Florida and North Carolina where he hunted, fished and hiked all his life (so far). His grandfather, who was an avid outdoorsman, taught him the skills of a hunter and marksman. Today, he still hunts in Florida and North Carolina.

Godard, who has an extensive collection of guns, recognized the need for a shotgun and rifle grip. He experimented with different size and shaped grips before developing the four models that make up the product line. He then researched the variety of materials and adhesives that could take the wear and abuse of shooting in all kinds of weather and conditions. He settled on Sorbothane®, a one-of-a-kind visco-elastic polymer used in all kinds of athletic and orthopedic products such as pads and insoles as well as critical applications such as camera protection on the Space Shuttle. It is simply a superior shock and vibration absorber.

Sorbothane® gave God’ A Grip the gripping enhancements. Next Godard turned to 3M® to find the perfect adhesive to bind to all kinds of stocks and not let go. 3M® had just perfected a new formula that was perfectly suited to the task. After many hours of field testing, the product line was put into production.

God'A Grip gun grips
Michael Godard, inventor of God'A Grip gun grips

“Hey Ya’ll.”

“I’m just a guy that has enjoyed spending a great deal of my life, hunting, fishing and appreciating the beauty of the great outdoors. I’m a firm believer in teaching your children to respect and enjoy nature. Part of that lesson is to experience our heritage of hunting, shooting and the conservation of our woods and waterways. God’ A Grip is the culmination of many ideas I’ve had to enhance the grip and feel of handling your favorite firearm. You’ll find the secure and “cush” grip to be a plus in foul weather, and it’s just more fun to hunt and shoot with a firearm that’s customized just for you (it just makes sense) so I say… teach your kids safe gun handling, take them hunting and the wonderful experiences you will share with them will last a lifetime. As hunters and outdoorsman, it’s our responsibility to ensure woods and wildlife will be there for future generations to enjoy. Hunt ethically and be proud to carry on the American outdoor traditions. Be safe, and I hope you will enjoy many happy years around the campfire.”

Michael Godard