God'A Grip Cheek Pads



Exclusive Sorbothane® Comfort and Shock Absorption:  God’ A Grip Cheek Pads enhance accuracy, comfort & consistency with rifles, shotguns, and other long guns. Only God’A Grip’s Cheek Pads are made in the USA with Sorbothane to provide any of your firearms a soft, comfortable, cushion-like surface, that absorbs vibration, shock, and recoil.

Enhance shooting:  Cheek Pads, sometimes called cheek risers or comb risers, function primarily to align the shooter’s eye with the scope, while keeping his cheek firmly resting on a solid surface of the firearm for maximum stability. God’ A Grip Cheek Pads allow a shooter to rest the weight of their head on it for a much more comfortable shooting position avoiding neck strain and poor shooting composure.

Fits Any Firearm:  There are currently a wide variety of models to choose from with more models to fit more stocks of  rifles, shotguns, tactical rifles & other long guns. These include:

  • Cheek Pad for Hi-Point Carbine Stocks
  • Shotgunner’s Wedge Super Soft Cheek Pad
  • A variety of Super Soft Cheek Pads sizes
  • A variety of Tactical Style Soft Cheek Pads sizes

God’ A Grip products are compatible with the following firearms:

Browning, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Sauage, Colt, DPMA, Knight, Thompson Center Arms, Steyr, Weatherby, New England Firearms (NEF), Harrington and Richards (H&R), Mossberg, Magpul, Advanced Technology (ATI), Marlin, Barrett, Tapco, Rockriver Arms, Brownells, Tippman, Command Arms and many others!

God’ A Grip products are the must have accessories for:

Competitive match shooting, target shooting, deer hunting, duck hunting, trap and skeet, small game hunting, dove hunting, big game hunting, hunting/deer rifles, shotguns, air guns, crossbows, turkey hunting, gun grips, rifle grips, shotgun grips, bow grips and much more!

ATICCR Pad In Use:

Gun Grip Demonstration