GOD’ A GRIP SELF-CUSTOMIZING RIFLE AND SHOTGUN GRIPS are designed to allow a custom fit to any individuals hand, and his or her firearm. God’ A Grip is made with Sorbothane’s proprietary material which gives your fire-arm a soft, cushy, shock absorbing feel.

The universal rifle and shotgun grips give a custom finger groove feel to any long gun, and fits everyone’s hand from small to large (men, women and children). The finger groove grip allows for any shooter to get that consistent hand placement for more accurate shots (and looks cool too!)

Rifle and Shotgun Grips Dimensions:
All rifle and shotgun grips models have the same dimensions… click for more

God’ A Grip products are compatible with the following firearms:
Browning, Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Sauage, Colt, DPMS, Knight… click for more

Ed Eaton & Chuck Mawhinney using God' A Grip shotgun grips