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Trimming Directions:

Fingergrip Model: With finger grip laying comfortably in hand, shoulder firearm as if making a shot with your hand in your normal shooting position. This establishes the proper location for God’ A Grip (using scotch tape to hold grip to stock, makes for easier trial fit). Trim end or ends with a pair of sharp scissors. God’ A Grip should touch trigger guard and stop 1/8 inch from the end of stock Grip. If trimming only one end – put the cut end towards trigger guard and leave the uncut end to finish at the stock grip end.

Universal Model: Lay God’ A Grip on rifle stock with sloped end touching trigger guard. Place a mark on God’ A Grip 1/8 inch back from the end of the stock grip. Trim with a pair of sharp scissors. Now put trimmed end towards trigger guard and sloped end towards end of stock grip.

Stock Preparation:

Wood Stocks: Wipe down installation area with common rubbing alcohol – let dry.

Synthetic Stocks: Thoroughly scrub, then wipe down installation area using rubbing alcohol with cotton pad or clean cloth – let dry.

Attaching God’ A Grip:

Peel 3M® adhesive paper off being careful not to touch adhesive side. Carefully align God’ A Grip to touch trigger guard and center on the stock grip. Using your thumbs, firmly push down the center, then edges, starting at one end of God’ A Grip and working your way to the other end, until God’ A Grip is completely attached to the gun stock grip. For best results, let God’ A Grip set 24 hours before using.

Additional Installation Note:

The God’ A Grip products are composed of 3 layers. The Sorbathane®, a thin clear plastic liner, a craft paper backing. There is an adhesive between the Sorbathane® and the liner, and an adhesive between the liner and the brown craft paper backing. When peeling the brown craft paper off, care should be taken to not peel the clear liner off of the Sorbathane®. The brown craft paper will peel off smoothly, whereas the clear liner which is stuck to the Sorbathane® will not come off easily. If the brown paper backing is not peeling off easily then you are also pulling the clear liner off. Stop… make sure you are only pulling off brown paper backing.