Bench Rest/Elbow Pad

Most Comfortable Bench/Elbow Pad on the Market.

Made for Sorbothane, the God’ A Grip Bench Pad is the softest most durable pad of it’s kind. Never again rest your elbow on a hard, rough wood or concrete shooting station. Protect your elbow from the impact of the shot and allow the pad to help to absorb the impact.

Why use a matt or a towel under your elbow, when God’ A Grip takes away the pain of shooting from a bench?

Protect your elbow from being rubbed raw when bench rest shooting.

DIMENSIONS: 6 inch round pad x 1+ inches height
EASY TO USE: Comes with FREE carrying bag, not impacted by temperature
VERSATILITY: Can be used on any surface
DURABLE: Constructed of Sorbothane to create a solid and secure rest that will not stretch or loose its form
CONVENIENT: FREE carrying bag ships with each elbow pad