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Peel Away Cheekpad


Peel Away a Grip

Andy Zavalla

CACR – Cherokee Arms cheek rests

ATICCR – adjustable cheek rests

Rifle Ammo Grip

Rifle of Shotgun Grip Styles

Crossbow and Other Firearms

Testimonial 1

Custom Fitting the Cheekpad

Testimonial 2

Shotgun Ammon Grip

Testimonial 3

Customizable Pad on a Shotgun

Testimonial 4

Customizable Pads

Testimonial 5

TSCP - Pad for Collapsible Stocks

Testimonial 6

Installing the Rifle Grip

Testimonial 7

LSRCP – contoured for flat sided stocks

Will the Stock be Harmed

Younger Shooters and Rifle Grips

Tombstone Pistol Grip

MPCP - Pad for Sniper Stocks