SELF CUSTOMIZING GRIPS: God’ A Grip self-customizing bow and crossbow grips are designed to allow a custom fit to any individual’s hand, and his or her bow. God’ A Grip is made in the USA with Sorbothane’s proprietary material which gives your firearm a soft, cushy, shock absorbing feel.

ENHANCE ACCURACY AND COMFORT: God’ A Grip bow and crossbow finger grips give a secure, comfortable grip to ensure a better shooting experience.. The finger grips give a custom finger groove feel to any bow, and fits everyone’s hand from small to large (men, women and children). The finger groove grip allows for any shooter to get that consistent hand placement for more accurate shots (and looks cool too!)


All Rifle Cheek Pads available for Crossbows, please call (321) 242-0200 for fitment.

CHEEK PADS FOR CROSSBOWS: God’ A Grip Cheek Pads enhance accuracy, comfort & consistency with crossbows. Only God’A Grip’s Cheek Pads are made in the USA with Sorbothane to provide any of your crossbow a soft, comfortable, cushion-like surface, that absorbs vibration, shock, and recoil.

ENHANCE SHOOTING: Cheek Pads, sometimes called cheek risers or comb risers, function primarily to align the shooter’s eye with the scope, while keeping his cheek firmly resting on a solid surface of the firearm for maximum stability.

FITS ANY CROSSBOW: God’A Grip offers Cheek pads for full stock Crossbows and a Universal Cheekpad for Crossbows that can be customized to fit any crossbow or part of a crossbow.


REDUCE VIBRATION AND NOISE: Enhances accuracy, comfort & consistency for all bows. Apply on either side of your limbs. Made with Sorbothane, the premier shock and vibration absorbing material! 3M Adhesive will stick to but not harm your bow.

God’ A Grip products are the must have accessories for:

Competitive match shooting, target shooting, deer hunting, duck hunting, trap and skeet, small game hunting, dove hunting, big game hunting, hunting/deer rifles, shotguns, air guns, crossbows, turkey hunting, gun grips, rifle grips, shotgun grips, bow grips and much more!