Install of your Lefty SLCP

I’m happy to share a photo of your SLCP cheek pad on my KIDD build with Boyd’s Evolution stock. It looks great and feels great.  Thanks. Terry


A new level of comfort and fit!

It all arrived today and fits great. I had to make a “sizing adjustment” and trim some down to fit the strange angles of the stock,  but, it works perfectly. Backstory on the rifle: it’s


Worked Like a Charm!

Just affixed the SOPMO to the Shotgun Wedge and it is adhering to the Wedge perfectly! No lifting on the corners,or on any of the contour bends. Height is now perfect! – Terry Mowery


Outstanding customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, I left a trail of shotgun shells in the parking lot. My God’a Grip Ammo Grip had stretched out. I contacted the company to see if they could get me


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