Your material is the solution

Hello, Just got your grip material. I have tried several others to try and get a higher cheek weld on my CZ452 At-One rifle. It has an odd plastic/nylon slightly tacky material for the adjustable


Still loving on the pad

Still loving on the pad for my daughter’s gun. I’m going to be giving my 835 ulti-mag turkey gun a new face lift. Fast fire 3 relax red dot, and a cheek pad, I will


Excellent products

Just received the handgrip, cheek, and elbow pads. Excellent products. Great packaging and a very thoughtful note on the packing slip. Well done and greatly appreciated. You’ve got a new fan! Rich


Simple Yet Effective Product

Just got my order today. Thank you for a simple yet effective product and made in the USA to boot. The cheek weld on my Christensen Arms MPR is super uncomfortable and your product solves


Kudos to you!

Good evening, So i went ahead and did it! not gonna lie its a rattle can job with a matte clear coat finish. 3 colors. sand, army green, and dark brown. I really like the


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