All went smoothly and quickly

After reading a bit about a fairly recent trend to modify traditional lever guns to a more ‘tactical’ look, and after handling one in person, I decided to do my own ‘Space Cowboy’ gun.  I’ll admit that the idea seemed rather ridiculous at first, but that changed when I actually handled and shot one that a shooting buddy had built up.

After securing a base gun, a Rossi 92, and gathering up the various tactical bits from other vendors, I was excited to put together my build.  After securing the last bit on, I raised the rifle to my shoulder and nestled my cheek on the stock and saw…. nothing. Absolutely nothing other than the back of the hammer. The comb was so low that I needed to put my chin on it to get a proper sight picture.  I tried a micro red dot and it was no better.  Given that the Rossi 92 is a top ejector, my first choice of a LPVO was a no-go.  Still, the comb would have been too low for this as well.

So back on the internet I went to look for a cheek riser. Several options came up and the one that kept catching my eye was a stick on pad from  I reached out to Mr. Goddard and he replied same day, answering my questions.  I ended up calling him after some correspondence back and forth and he was exceedingly helpful in not only answering my questions and explaining the proper way to measure precisely what I needed from him to complete my rifle…but he was also a joy to speak with in general.

I ended up getting two pads to get the required height I needed for proper cheek weld on my rifle.  The installation process was easy with his included instructions and guidance and all went smoothly and quickly.  I like the fact that this adhesive is not only strong, but also will not mar the finish of a stock should I decide later down the road to go a different route.

In addition to cheek risers, also has grips for pistols, shotguns, other rifles and even crossbows to ensure that whatever you shoot, you can do so comfortably and maintain a proper and repeatable cheek weld to maximize your accuracy and enjoyment.