GRIPS enhance accuracy,
comfort & consistency
with rifles, crossbows, shotguns & other
long guns.
4 models to choose from.
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Revolutionary, new way
to carry long gun ammo

Choice of 6 or 10 shot for standard
size ammo-great for competitive
shooters and hunters, 5 shot for
shotgunners and 6 shot for big bore
guns – Winchester Short Magnums,
Remington Ultra Mags, Weatherby
Magnums, Ultra Mags, .410's, etc.
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Cheek Pads look and
feel good on long guns:

God' A Grip Cheek Pads enhance
accuracy, comfort & consistency
with rifles, shotguns & other long
guns. There are currently 6 models
to choose from with more models
coming to fit more stocks.
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New Pistol Grip
improves accuracy
and comfort:

2 new pistol grips made with shock
absorbing Sorbothane. The new
style finger grip model and universal
model are designed for pistols with
removable side grip panels. Will
work with polymer framed pistols.
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